Balanced Door

Introduction- What is a Balanced Door
- Detail -


A balanced door is a swing door with unique mechanism which distributes wind pressure to make the door open without much force.  The exterior wind pressure is distributed by the door's unique swing path, and the pivot spring provides force against interior stack pressure to fully close the door.  
The balanced system smoothly deals with inside/outside wind pressure during opeation to make a safe and efficient building entrance.   




High Traffic Entrance 


The entrance faces frequent gale


Limited front space on the door pull side


The door needs to be extra tall  



(Balanced door on the right side) 



Balanced Door

  • When opening the door, the wind pressure is distributed to inside of the door through the gap on the hinge side; on the edge side the stack pressure pushes back to accelerate the door opening.
  • The required door opening force is only half to two third of regular force.
  • The torsion bar provides closing force against the stack pressure and fully closes the door.

Conventional Door 

  • Door opening force against the entire door weight and wind.
  • The internal stack pressure makes it hard to keep the door fully closed.

Balanced Door

  • The door retracts while opening and saves one third of door width taking exterior public space when fully opened.
  • Reduced waving radius to fasten opening/closing speed.
  • No entrance traffic jam even with a larger door size.

Conventional Door 

  • The full waving radius takes much time to a full opening and takes much exterior public space to cause entrance traffic jam.