Danterry's aluminum skin door

Introduction of Danttery cast aluminum skin door
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Philosophy of Design 

Danterry's artistical metal doors not only integrate the needs of modern architecture but also the value of history and art. In today's highly developed and mechanized industries, Danterry strongly proposed that building design and application should reflect intrinsic value of art, and provide a genuine art world tailor-made for our customers.


The cast aluminum plate features good plasticity and processability to be widely applied on products that are difficult to be formed by other metal processing methods. With good appearance of diverse striation on the surface, the artistic design can be completely performed to show culture spirit. Moreover, with different spraying process on the surface, it brings out the texture
and improve the performance of the product.

The product features are as follows:

  • Adopt pure aluminum ingots to ensure product strength and durability.
  • Apply high-quality paint to increase the anti-oxidation and anti-rust on the surface.
  • Diversified pattern design to flexibly meet the needs of different requirement from customers.